The Research and Development (RAD) Team

The Research and Development (R&D) Team is a group of sex industry experts-by-experience who work alongside the staff at NUM to improve the service to better meet our needs. We represent communities of differing gender and sexual identities, with different incomes, and legal standing. We are diverse sex workers who have experiences in adult film, escorting, on-street sex work, brothel work, independent sex work, massage, camming and more.

We have a combined total of 75.5 years’ experience in sex industries, and 73.5 years’ collective experience in policy advocacy and rights activism on sex work and sex work adjacent issues!

We, like all other sex workers, have lots of skills and knowledge from informal and formal education. We have degrees and other certification, and work experience from sex work, research, education, health services, the United Nations, counselling, third sector services and NASA. Equally, all of our experiences and voices matter!

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