Migrant sex workers

Special section for migrants

If you are a migrant worker not from the UK we understand it is often very confusing, difficult or frightening to report a crime against you to the police or another agency. Even if you are from an EU country it can be very difficult to know what to do if something dangerous happens at work. We understand that many women have no work permit or documents and do not want to come into contact with the police or other authorities. Sometimes your experience or knowledge of the police in your own country has been corrupt and you have not felt protected. Your country of origin may operate very differently to the UK and you may expect that the police will not believe you, or take a bribe to make the case ‘go away’. It is not like this in the UK! Police officers in the UK are here to help and protect the public and will help you whatever your status. There are also specialist police dealing with rape and sexual assault who want to help you, are here to listen to you, protect you, treat you with respect and help you if you have experienced a crime. Sex Work Support projects will help you regardless of your status, they can make contact with the police either formally or informally if you want.  Also you can access the services of a SARC (sexual assault referral centre) via self referral if you choose not to formally report whatever your status. No matter what your immigration status is, nobody has the right to hurt you or make you do anything you don’t want to do and sometimes these things are against the law (click here for more information about what is a crime in the UK).

Remember you can always contact the National Ugly Mugs coordinator by phone or email to talk about your options, to find out about a local project who will support you and to find out bout supportive police in your area.

If you were brought to the UK against your will, under false pretences or forced in to sex work against your will-this is against the law in the UK and there are agencies that can help you. Please visit UKHTC or UKBA for more information.