Organise an Event

Organising an event is a great way to raise money and spread the word about the National Ugly Mugs Scheme.

From comedy nights and theatre performances to cake stalls, pub quizzes and garden parties, our supporters do it all.

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Event planning tips

General tips:

  • Keep it simple. Raffles and collecting tins at an event can make a big difference to the amount of money raised
  • Ensure that everyone involved in organising the event has a clearly defined role, and a deadline
  • Keep costs as low as you can. Draw up a simple budget and stick to it
  • Make posters and fliers, email and text friends and tell your local media
  • Say thank you to everyone who helped and tell them how much you raised
  • Make sure you fundraise safely and legally


  • Choose the date carefully, giving yourself enough time to organise your event
  • Avoid competing with other local or national events
  • Be realistic about the time you can put in
  • Think about holding your event on a significant date this helps with media interest
  • Produce an event plan; give everyone involved a copy with names, dates and agreed responsibilities


  • Draw up a budget and keep records of expenditure
  • Get local businesses involved in sponsorship, prizes, loan of equipment or premises. Choose carefully and keep ethical matters in mind


  • Select a suitable venue and book well in advance.
  • Make sure that venue staff know what your event is; ask if the venue can help you at all
  • Confirm your reservation nearer the time
  • Make sure your venue has the required license and insurance

For any more information on organising event send us an email.

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