Funding Position


National Ugly Mugs – Funding Update!

We would like to thank everyone for their support since our scheme launched.  We are working hard to sustain long term continuation funding, but currently need your support to bridge this funding gap whilst we are waiting on responses.

We also need your support to help us to continue and below are a list of ways in which you can help:

Make a regular donation directly to NUM no matter how big or small, your donations are gratefully accepted: Find our donation button at the bottom of the ugly mugs home page.

We have some amazing NUM merchandise that is available to purchase:  See our merchandise on the ugly mugs website merchandise page

Twitter, spread the word and raise awareness informing others how they can help: Search:  nationaluglymug on twitter.

The UKNSWP are now listed as a charity on eBay so anyone with an account can sell their old items and donate a percentage of the sales to the NUM. If any members do choose to sell an item please remember to click 'advanced selling options' which will allow you to list an item and donate whatever percentage of the income you like to your selected charity. We are listed as: The UK Network of Sex Work Projects

Do a sponsored event to raise money for NUM.  We have a just giving account. Search UK Network of Sex Work Projects.

We need your help now!  A number of small donations can help us continue and bridge across until hopefully we strike lucky with one of our larger bid applications which would give us the sustainability that the scheme deserves.

Thank you for your support and if you have any fundraising ideas, please do let us know

Thank you

The UKNSWP Board and NUM Team